3 Steps to Your Perfect Payments Solution
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Let’s start with the basics.
Do you accept credit cards today?
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Excellent! How do you handle Credit Cards today?

To curate the best payments providers for your business, we need to ensure they fit into your current business systems.

Select all the ways you currently accept payments.

x Don’t sweat it, we’re here for you! We’ll go over the possibilities before you pick your provider over the phone. If you’d like to do that first, we’re available RIGHT NOW to review your options. You can give us a call at… 800-888-8888

Now, list any of the names of any specific products or services for payments and accounting software you use today. *

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Now, let’s talk numbers.

Payments providers have significantly different fee structures depending on your average transaction size and monthly volume. In order to get you the lowest possible rate, we need to have an accurate understanding of your current business. We will never share this confidential information with anyone outside of Noog.

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Final step: Let's expedite your results.

We've narrowed down the list of potential payments processors to 2 solid candidates, but it would be helpful to have a bit more information. This will also help us expedite your results.

If you'd like, you can skip this step for now…


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We’ve found your best solutions!

Based on your unique business, we've narrowed down from the millions of potential processors your best options. We’re finishing up the process by negotiating the best deals for you!

Now we’re ready to help you apply, get approved, and onboarded. Share your info and book a time to chat and we’ll get started!